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Fixed Braces


About fixed braces

Fixed braces are made of brackets and bands cemented to your teeth, and thin metal wires that push your teeth gently into the desired position. Brackets are made of either metal or tooth-coloured plastic or ceramic, so they’re not too noticeable.

The steps of fixed braces treatment

Before having braces placed, you will need a check-up for gum problems or dental decay.

  1. We’ll take photos, X-rays and impressions of your teeth. Our specialist orthodontist will plan your treatment using these records. You might need to have some teeth removed if they are crowded and there is not enough space in your jaw for all of them. There will be no noticeable gap when your teeth are straight.
  2. The specialist orthodontist will explain your treatment plan in detail before treatment begins. Before we put your braces on, we’ll place separators between your molars for about a week. This is to make space for the molar bands.
  3. The bands and brackets will be bonded to your teeth and your treatment will have officially begun!

During subsequent appointments, the specialist orthodontist will make necessary adjustments to your braces to help speed the process along.

Removing your braces

When treatment is complete, we can remove your fixed braces and we’ll also polish your teeth for a stunning finish. We’ll make moulds of your teeth once the braces are off, so we can create your retainers. Once your braces are taken off, you will need retainers to make sure your teeth stay in their new, straight position.