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All photos present are all cases that have been completed in Dental Options in Ireland.

Tooth Replacement - Case 1

An implant is very often the perfect solution to a missing tooth. At Dental options we carefully colour match all porcelain restorations to blend in with existing teeth.

Veneers - Case 1

This patient had 2 veneers colour matched to his own teeth in order to close the gap between the two front teeth. He wanted a natural look and was delighted with the result.

GAPS - Case 1

Veneers used to close gaps. Patient chose a natural colour and shape as she did not want them to look to perfect. This is a very good example of how natural, good porcelain can look.

GAPS - Case 2

This patient presented with large gaps in the front of her mouth and a missing lower front tooth. We placed an implant in the lower jaw and some veneers on the other teeth. Then after this we placed some natural veneers on the upper teeth to close gaps between the front teeth for a beautiful overall result.

GAPS - Case 3

This lady had heavy nicotine staining and gaps in her front teeth. We cleaned and whitened her teeth first. We placed 2 veneers on the top 2 teeth and matched them to to colour of her own teeth.

GAPS - Case 4

This patient presented with microdontia (small teeth) and gaps between her upper front teeth. We restored her smile with 4 natural veneers

GAPS - Case 5

This patient presented with gaps between her teeth. She was missing her lateral incisors and she had a baby tooth still in place. She hated the appearance of her smile and wanted something that looked natural and normal.

GAPS - Case 6

I have a large gap between my two front teeth but don’t want to wear braces.

Crooked Teeth & Don't Want To Wear Braces - Case 1

This patient had crooked teeth but in her own words did not have any patience for braces. By using a diagnostic wax up and Da Vinci veneers, we were able to create the appearnace of straightened teeth.

Crooked Teeth & Don't Want To Wear Braces - Case 2

This patient felt she had two big front teeth and a lot of over crowding. She did not want to go down the orthodontic root so utilising a diagnostic wax up from da Vinci studios we were able to create the appearance of a straigher smile using veneers

Crooked Teeth & Don't Want To Wear Braces - Case 3

This patient felt his 2 front teeth were very prominent and “goofy” looking. We placed 4 veneers to create a more balanced appearance, our patient was delighted with the finished result.

Gummy Smile - Case 1

This patient didnt like the appearance of her “gummy smile” and felt her own teeth were very irregular in shape. We used a laser to lengthen her teeth and 6 veneers to create her new smile.

Gummy Smile - Case 2

This lady had 6 veneers placed in Eastern Europe. She felt that there were dark lines at the top of the veneer and that they looked fake (Figure 1). In order to create symmetry with this case we used a laser to reduce the appearance of a “gummy smile” and placed 10 veneers so as to widen her smile (Figure 2).

Gummy Smile - Case 3

This patients smile was very uneven and narrow especially on the left hand side (Figure 1). She did not have the time for braces as she was getting married so we used a laser and 10 veneers to create a natural balanced smile (Figure 2).

One Dark Tooth - Case 1

This patient had one dark tooth in the front of her mouth from having root canal treatment. Her other front tooth had a white filling which was slightly off colour. We restored her smile by placing two veneers on the two front teeth.