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Re-Contouring Gums

Do you know someone or do you suffer from a gummy smile? Well with our state of the art Ezlase laser we have the answer. Our soft tissue laser allows us to correct your gum line quickly and safely. The laser immediately reseals the tissue, preventing the bleeding swelling and risk of infection which used to accompany gum re-contouring. It can be followed by veneers to give you a perfect full Hollywood smile!

Case 1

Gum re-contouring was carried out first to give the patient a less gummy smile. Than to get the ideal result veneers were placed to create a full and even smile.


Case 2

This patient was happy with their teeth but felt you could only see gum when smiling. After re-contouring patient presents with a less gummy smile and the shape of her teeth has improved as more of them is shown.