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Is composite bonding the answer to your prayers?

composite bonding

Is composite bonding the answer to your prayers?


Composite bonding is a dental solution that works perfectly for many people. It is less invasive than other options and is painless. An increasing number of dentists are offering composite bonding to patients with suitable issues for this particular treatment. The results experienced from composite bonding are consistently excellent, and even for those with just the slightest issues, composite bonding offers a simple and safe solution that can make a big difference.

Below we’ll take a look at exactly what composite bonding is, how the process works, and whether it is right for you.

Composite Bonding Is…

Composite bonding offers a simple solution to creating your perfect smile. The simple process eliminates many of the fears people usually have about visiting a dentist. It’s painless, safe, and cost-effective.

Usually a dentist will use a composite plastic or resin that is biocompatible, and tooth coloured. The flexibility of composite bonding means it’s ideal for a range of problems, such as:

  • Repairing cracked or chipped teeth.
  • Hiding discolouration or faded areas on the tooth’s surface.
  • Eliminating gaps between teeth.
  • Creating teeth that look better aligned and healthier.

The end result is usually indistinguishable from a patient’s original teeth. The nature of composite bonding means the composite does actually bond with the tooth, not only improving the aesthetic but the strength too.

The Pros And Cons Of Composite Bonding

Composite bonding can be a great option for lots of patients, but is it always the best option? There are circumstances where another course of action might be the best route for you to take, and here we’ll look at the pros and cons to help you decide whether composite bonding is the right treatment for you.

Composite Bonding Pros

Although visits to the dentist can sometimes be daunting, composite bonding isn’t. It’s a simple process that normally takes less than one hour to complete.

The composite resins we use come in a wide range of shades. This means we can always find a shade of resin that matches the natural colour of your teeth.

When compared to many other dental treatments, composite bonding is relatively inexpensive.

There is no need to degrade a tooth’s original structure. Instead, the composite bonding will strengthen your teeth.

Composite Bonding Cons

Some of the more expensive options are more durable than composite bonding. For example, a high-quality veneer or dental crown will have a longer life span, whereas the composite bonding may need to be re-touched or replaced.

After you have had composite bonding dental work completed it is crucial you stay on top of your oral hygiene, as they can stain just as easily, or even easier sometimes, as your original teeth.

Composite bonding can’t be lightened, so any teeth whitening treatment you’re considering should be carried out before the composite bonding process occurs.

Other Things To Consider About Composite Bonding

As with many treatments, dentists will generally advise people on a case-by-case basis, as there are too many factors to give general treatment advice. However, we can share some of the situations where composite bonding could be a better option. Teenagers who have teeth that are still developing can use composite bonding as an aesthetic solution while their teeth continue to develop and change.

The Normal Process For Composite Bonding

Dental bonding is a quick and painless process. Below are the normal steps you’ll go through during treatment.

The tooth or teeth being treated are cleaned, removing any bacteria or plaque that could compromise the strength of the bonding.

The dentist will then normally use a special gel that makes the tooth’s pores accessible, allowing the composite material to bond to the tooth solidly. Once achieved, the gel is washed off your teeth.

The dentist will then start to apply the first layer of the composite resin. The dentist will then use a light to cure the resin. This first layer will soak into the designated part of your tooth and become the base for the composite bonding.

This process is then repeated as many times as necessary until there are enough layers to achieve the desired result for that particular tooth.

Once all layers are applied and set, the dentist will perform any minor reshaping needed and then clean and polish the tooth for a perfect finish.

Quick, painless, cost-effective, but our treatments can make a big difference to your smile.

Should I Perform Any Special Maintenance After Having Composite Bonding Work?

If you already brush and floss your teeth daily and attend regular dental and hygienist appointments, then you shouldn’t need to do anything different. However, if your oral hygiene routine is less than optimal, then you must ensure you stay disciplined and clean your teeth regularly to prevent the composite bonding from starting to discolour.

Use Composite Bonding Experts To Perfect Your Smile

The Dental Options team is made up of experienced professionals you can trust. We’re so confident in the quality of our work, and the fact we only use the highest quality materials available in our industry, that we even offer a lifetime guarantee on veneers, crowns and bridgework, and other length guarantees on different types of work.

As well as experienced dentists, dental nurses, hygienists, and admin team, we are also pleased to now offer Bose noise-cancelling headphones. When you’re undergoing a painless treatment like composite bonding, these help you to stay relaxed and have a more enjoyable experience, as well as reducing any anxieties you may have. In fact, if you’re a relaxed person we’ll have to be careful you don’t nod off.

If you have any further questions about composite bonding, would like to chat about treatment options, or would like to book an appointment so you can get a quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re a friendly bunch and love to hear from you.

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Is composite bonding the answer to your prayers?

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