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composite bonding

Is composite bonding the answer to your prayers?   Composite bonding is a dental solution that works perfectly for many people. It is less invasive than other options and is painless. An increasing number of dentists are offering composite bonding to patients with suitable issues for this particular treatment. The results experienced from composite bonding


Veneers for a Perfect Smile How Veneers Can Give You Stunning Pearly Whites Have you ever wondered exactly how to get that perfect smile you’ve been dreaming about for your entire life? We’re going to let you in on a secret, the solution is veneers. Not sure what these are? No problem, we’ll explain in

Keith Duffy Interview

Keith Duffy’s Interview   Former Boyzone singer and Coronation Street star Keith Duffy discusses how he finally made the decision to have his characteristic chipped front teeth fixed by Dental Options using porcelain veneers.

Eurovision Star Ryan Dolan

Eurovision Star Ryan Dolan   Best of luck to our Eurovision star ryan dolan who has started his Invisalign treatment with us. Pictured here wearing his Invisalign

Model Madeline Mulqueen

Model Madeline Mulqueen   The beautiful model Madelin Mulqueen has begun her Invisalign treatment with us mainly to correct her lower teeth.