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Dental Options Dublin City, Clane and Cork

Dental Options is one of Ireland’s leading practices in dental treatments. Through our years of experience, our expert team provide you with informed advice that makes having a healthy, beautiful smile a more achievable goal than ever. Best of all, because we believe that your experience is just as important as the end result, we make sure you receive every comfort and are informed of every possible option along the way.

Our aim is to bring the highest standard of dentistry in the world today to our patients. We have trained for years in the many facets of dentistry to gain the knowledge and understanding to bring the perfect end result to each patient. Now, more than ever, the perfect smile is a very achievable goal. Our aim here at dental options is to help people realise and achieve this goal.

Dental Options Lifetime Guarantee

Here at Dental Options we stand firmly behind the work we do. As we only use the best materials on the market today, coupled with the best techniques available, we are in a unique position of being able to offer our patients a guarantee. To our knowledge we are the only dental surgery in Ireland to offer a lifetime guarantee of all our veneers, crowns and bridgework.

All our crowns, bridges and veneers come with a lifetime warranty. If the porcelain unit fractures or breaks it will be replaced free of charge.